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From butcher’s boy (at age 12) to laboratory assistant, vacuum cleaner salesman to furniture salesman, and insurance salesman to Chief Executive (at age 39) Dave Reynolds learned some valuable lessons on his journey to what became a successful and richly rewarding career.

A journey that really only began when he was 26 years old and in considerable debt.

Nowadays, when he and his wife and are not travelling and exploring the world, he is committed to sharing the principles he was taught as a young man that have enabled him to live a life that most people will only ever dream about.

In his book “Power Secrets of the Rich and Successful” he will guide and mentor you, and share with you a success system to become the person you sincerely would like to be. And to live the life you really want to live.

“My career has been on an upward spiral that all began with my association with you…..I think it is fair to say that I have learned more from you than anybody else and I think it appropriate to express my gratitude…” Andy Lothian

“A truly inspirational book…. the best of its kind I have ever read. It’s brilliant!” Barry Dowman

“Great book! You are an inspiration! “ Becky Brooks

“The most inspirational and easy to read self help book I have ever read. For those who wish to change their lives for the better…..A MUST READ!” Roy Sandelands

“Thank you for all the support and training you have given me throughout my career, which has helped me progress so successfully. Talking to you is always so motivational, and brings me a big boost of energy as well as strength. Thanks very much David.” Karoliina Stanescu

“A definitive code of practice for all students in the University of Life” George Munro

“As much as anybody I owe what I have achieved to you. I now help and guide people, not just direct reports, by using those techniques you so passionately believe in. It has made me a better leader and a more rounded individual. I’ve been lucky to have had the chance to learn from the best.” Thanks Dave. Steve Cartlidge

“Just a note to say ‘thank you’ for everything. Your help and guidance have not only developed me into a better manager but you have also broadened my horizons in life. I have been blessed to be fortunate enough to work with someone who inspires me to do better each day…..that person is you David” Zahir Sharif

“What a wonderful book! I already want to read it again…….. There are so many tips and pointers that I will take with me and dip back into the book if ever I’m lacking motivation. It was also good as a reassurance of the positive traits I already possess – it really makes me feel like anything is possible as long as you have a clear picture of what it is. I feel so fortunate to have all this life knowledge at my fingertips so early on in my career, all in one handy book! Thank you very much for writing it.” Alice Smith

“Just from reading the first few chapters I can tell how much it’s going to help.” Paul Evans

“David, I’ve finished reading your book. – A very useful manual for many people who are looking for ways to improve or gain whatever they are lacking: money, respect or self-esteem, ideas on self-development or even business hints. Not many people can say, especially in their early period of life, that they were lucky to meet a true Teacher and Friend. Your book and your life experience is a thing not to be missed.” Elena Rudyuk (Moscow)

So many books which claim to offer advice on wealth and success are focused on attitude and motivation or the esoteric mysteries of attraction. These leave me with a persistent lament – ‘that’s all very well – but HOW? What do I actually need to do, and how do I do it?’

David Reynolds’ book is full of practical, down-to-earth advice based on a wealth of real experience at the sharp end of business. He covers everything from time-structuring, to prioritising, to how to get the best out of ourselves by staying focused. Nothing new, perhaps, but shared in a concise, accessible way, that make each nugget easy to digest and apply. That, in my view, is the proof of its value. His style is straightforward, like having a highly successful favourite uncle as your personal coach. Read this book – you’ll keep coming back to it again and again for its good advice. Susan Courtney

“Hi David, I just wanted to let you know that as well as sleepless nights and cold baths my husband is about to divorce me because I no longer speak to him….WHY? Because I can’t get my nose out of your book…..I LOVE it! Having planned to read it weeks ago events took over and I finally got to it this weekend! (I know poor excuse – But NO more!) As we’re about to launch a new business it couldn’t be better timed! So now it’s been handed over to Cathy my business partner and then I want it back – fabulous to pick up time and time again! Thank you…” Best wishes.  Sonia Kearns

“ I have enjoyed many motivational books in my time, including all the classics, but your book is unique as it gives a very well rounded, concise and practical approach to what is a very complex subject. (And it’s British!)

It’s a very down to earth step by step formula which focuses on helping your reader to change the way they see themselves, and then behave in a more positive way to life’s events. True change can only happen from within as you know.

I am enjoying reading it very much, as it has great relevance for me not only as a salesman, but as a hypnotherapist whose job it is to help my own clients change the way they see themselves.

Your points system for activity for example, is so simple yet brilliant! To that end, you could view me as a reader who wants to put as much of this excellent material to use as much as I possibly can!

Thank you for your inspiration.

It has already paid for itself many times over!”

Ross Bisset

Frequently when reading this book I came across ideas I had encountered before … but in the past they were usually hearsay, and “academic”. David has worked with some of the great names; in particular I’m hugely in awe of the fact that he has met and worked with W Clement Stone.

The great wisdom is eternal; the more often you encounter it, the more likely it is to stick. The more so when it comes with the authority of those who have been there and done it.

Only read this book if you’re dedicated to increasing your (and other people’s) store of wealth, health and happiness! James Hardiman

I was always told that there’s no short cut to experience – but, it’s not true – that’s exactly what you get with David Reynolds’ proven guide – Power Secrets – a short cut to many years of great and valuable experience. I have just finished the book and it has been an absolute joy… I feel back on track, energised, motivated and excited about my life and what is possible.

This guide is simply written and laid out, there’s no jargon, no hype – just fantastic and inspiring content based on genuine experience. I found Power Secrets really easy to use – I felt like I was in conversation with David, it was fantastic being led, step-by-step through this wonderful Power Secrets Guide.

This book is amazing… whether you are looking for an inspiration, a reminder of what can be achieved, a confidence boost or a life changing read, then you really should buy this book and discover for yourself the power secrets of the rich and successful.

Leesa Daymond

“I just had to let you know how wonderful I thought your book was.

I enjoyed every minute of reading it and you will be pleased to hear that I have a “MY GOALS” list on a large pin board next to me in my office with goals I WILL achieve within the next three months. I feel very honoured that I had met you before reading your book as it really felt like you were talking to me and only me.

I will actively take on board all of your advice, some of which I already do (like saving) and will start to implement other things like having a positive attitude towards my self esteem, setting goals and implementing sales goals using the table you wrote about.

I will read it again as advised and will most definitely dive into it on a regular basis, so much of what you said makes so much sense to me and I am very excited to think of what more I can achieve.

I will be recommending your book to my family, friends and associates, my employees and anyone who I take on to work for me in the future.

Thank you for your inspiration.”   Emma Law


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