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You’d do so much you’d be surprised

You’d do so much you’d be surprised

We really ought to be talking about money, and we will.  However before we do there’s more to talk about regarding getting things done.  That means getting the right things done…on time. If you want to be effective and productive you’ll have to get organised.  [Read More]

Do it NOW!

You always know when you are in the company of positive people because they give off ‘positive vibes’.   They are a pleasure to be around. It’s much more appealing to be with someone who brings a smile to your face and has a happy disposition rather than be stuck [Read More]

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Telling Isn’t Selling

I read a rather plaintiff and disturbing newspaper article recently which eloquently describes the financial and [Read More]

A valuable lesson from Iran

Recently I read an article by Wolfgang Riebe who is a motivational speaker from Germany.    (Yes….came as a [Read More]


You probably have school day memories of chanting “two, four, six, eight…who do we appreciate?” and then [Read More]

On your marks, get set……….enjoy the journey!

On your marks, get set……….enjoy the journey!

I recently watched the TV documentary ‘Coldest race on Earth’ which followed James Cracknell, a double Olympic Gold [Read More]

Mirror, mirror on the wall…..

Mirror, mirror on the wall…..

Nowadays I generally shave with my eyes closed because when I look in the mirror I think it’s my father looking back [Read More]

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